“We believe in going against the grain”


At UNALOME, our mission is help you create your environment. It is not just about single pieces of furniture, but a real way of life. The goal is to offer furnishings and fittings that echoes your thinking and being. It must reflect an easier, more natural and unconstrained way of life.

So it is no coincidence that we are named after the unalome symbol, which represents transcendence and enlightenment.


In 1970, Milton Friedman famously wrote that “the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits”. We resolutely refute that. Instead, our business is built upon respect.

We pay painstaking attention to every minutiae of our production, sourcing materials responsibly and respecting the local flora and fauna. Our company is our team and we take great pride in our people, respecting the minimum wage along with their overall growth and well-being. We are a living testament that respect is transformative.


Set within a lush paddy field, our groundbreaking space is a creative rhapsody of artists and artisans. Full of verve and life, it is lined with florists and anchored by a world-class cafe serving up the freshest and healthiest, from farm to table. All of which is furnished with our sustainably-crafted furniture that pays homage to the local community and Mother Nature.


Not all products are created equal. We meld old world artistry with modern ingenuity by working with some of most talented designers from radically different creative fields. Every item and collection has a story about the craftsmanship it incarnates.


Our people is at the heart of everything we do. We are 300-strong and our diverse team consists of architects, interior designers, artisan carpenters and master craftsmen – all working together to create the finest products in their class. 

Headquartered in Bali, we have 3 fully integrated factories in Java and partner showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, Brisbane, Denmark and Athens. With 28 years of operations under our belt, we work closely with 5-star hotels, resorts, restaurants and high-end villas across the globe including the USA, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Russia, India, Germany, Seychelles, Bora Bora, Mauritius, Mexico and South Africa.

Ako Ardalan
CEO / Founder

A Swede, Ako put his education on hold at Lund University to see the world. He then pursued his finance degree in Sydney, and has made his mark as an investment banker in both Australia and London before taking on the responsibility of leading UNALOME .

Michel Schoppe
COO / Founder

Of Danish and Greek descent, Michel grew up in Denmark and learned the family trade from his father, who started a furniture company 45 years ago. His father was also the biggest importer of ratan and bamboo to Scandinavia. In 2001, Michel established his first showroom in Jakarta, and has since expanded the business globally. To him, UNALOME is a way of life, and nothing matters more than sustainability and customer satisfaction.


Unalome is commited to equality, operating an efficient production line and production time. It has a highly professional team of 600 people from management to local craftsmen in our factory. Our departments include:

  • Site study and product research
  • Concept Development
  • Design and Rendering
  • Sampling and Try-Run
  • Costing and Budget planning
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Transportation
  • Delivery, Fitting and Installation
  • Maintenance and Warranty

With our capacity to produce 30 containers on average per month, we marry hard-won experience with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This includes CNC machining to create the highest quality woodcraft, upholstery, leatherwork, and wood carving. We combine the finest materials from nature to create a functional work of art that can be enjoyed for generations.


Jalan Sunset Road 50x
Kuta, Bali – Indonesia
p: +62 361 934 00 30
e: info@unalomeinterior.com

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